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Knothole cable management

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been helping my photographer friend Ben build a desk/tabletop in trade for photography services rendered. It looks great on the vintage Eames base he bought, and he did a great job incorporating one of my favorite features: a knothole for cable management. When we went to the lumberyard we selected a few suitable boards with knots toward the middle and after jointing/planing picked the prettiest one. Often, knotholes need a little enlarging to fully accommodate a plug end or multiple cords, but I always try to keep as much of the natural contour as possible. And, because of the density of the grain around a knothole, it polishes up beautifully after careful sanding/finishing and is usually my favorite part of a piece. Here are some photos of Ben’s gorgeous new desk (see more of his work/aesthetic on his tumblr:

benjamin grimes desk 1

benjamin grimes desk 2

benjamin grimes desk 3

Purposefully incorporating natural features like knotholes in furniture isn’t an original idea, but strategically positioning them within pieces for cable management isn’t something I’d seen before. I’ve been using this trick for at least a few years now.┬áHere are some other (less artfully photographed) knotholes that I’ve incorporated recently:




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