$300 built to order

Bad lighting can ruin many otherwise pleasant environments.

The LightBox is a simple, elegant, and modern bedside light that also features a sliding door for storage of bedroom necessities.

There are a few features that make this piece indispensable:

-the LightBox is made from Port Orford Cedar: a rare, aromatic wood unlike any wood you’ve smelled before. The small incandescent bulb in the box heats the wood just enough to release it’s clean, bright, and resinous smell.

-the bulb is behind a sanded acrylic panel which gracefully diffuses the light. Also included is a dimmer switch to control the brightness for activities from reading to whispering.

-no matter what kind of epidermal condition you present, the LightBox will cast a warm, flattering glow on your skin. In other words, it compliments the human form when in it’s most natural state.

-when mounted close to the bed, the small storage compartment provides a convenient place to keep books, medicines, tinctures, tonics, and other vital accessories.

The LightBox ships with an unfinished Port Orford Cedar shell (to remain aromatic), and a door made from California Claro walnut, finished with non-toxic tung or linseed oil. Includes mounting plate with light socket, cord, dimmer switch, and 2 bulbs. Standard U.S. household current.

Dimensions are: 18″ wide, 8″ tall, 8″ deep.

Shipping is free to domestic addresses. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

lightbox 2

lightbox 3

lightbox 4