cupertino cantilever

The Cupertino Cantilever table is a study in balance and strength using traditional woodworking techniques (half-blind dovetails in this case), and a spare, rectilinear silhouette that is separated from the ground by a minimal maple base. I was gratified to find that the extended plane of the top could support my full weight with little deflection (I’m not encouraging your own testing.)

Made from Black walnut and Hard maple.

The dimensions of this piece are approximately 21″ W x 49″ L x 15″ H.

cupertino cantilever 6

cupertino cantilever 5

cupertino cantilever 2

The following are photos of the first version of this design in a slightly larger size (30″ W x 60″ L x 16″ H).

og cupertino cantilever

The asymmetrical dovetail pattern is determined by the widths of the 5 boards that are glued together to compose the carcass.

og cupertino cantilever 2